How do I register on Dekholelo.com?

You can register at Dekholelo.com by following any one of the following simple ways:-

      1. By clicking Register on Home page.

        Simply enter your "Email Address", create and confirm a "Password" to create your Dekholelo online account.
        After filling these mandatory fields, just click on "Proceed" to finish your Registration.
      2. Register while you shop for first time on Dekholelo.com

        While you confirm your order in shopping cart, click on "Checkout" to proceed to the Email Login page.
        On the Email Login page, enter your "Email Address" which you wish to keep for Dekholelo online account and click on "Proceed" to register.
        To change your password, please see "My Account" after Login.

Can I change my account email id?

Unfortunately, the email id of your Dekholelo online account cannot be changed once you have registered with us using the same.